1) The Universe of Bal-Sagoth



The Universe of Bal-Sagoth

Bal-Sagoth the band is just one facet of the vast and far-reaching world of these stories. The lyrics of the six albums are reflections of a much larger and more intricate body of work, and only a relatively small part of that has thus far been revealed in the lyric booklets. As I originally intended, the chronicles of this baroque fantasy world will ultimately encompass such things as prose short stories, graphic novels, illustrated books, and more. Additionally, the forthcoming revised and expanded edition of my Glossary (called “The Lexicon”) will provide readers with unprecedented information on all aspects of the lyrical mythos.

Byron Roberts


The Antediluvian Map

Here is the map I designed which depicts the world in which the antediluvian era stories take place.


byron roberts bal sagoth

Ancient World – Antediluvian Map


Larger view of the colourized map:

bal sagoth byron roberts

The Ancient World – Antediluvian Map


Characters of the Lexicon

Many characters populate the Bal-Sagoth lyrics and the short stories & comics. Here is a selection of concept artwork showcasing some of them.

CAYLEN-TOR first appeared in the lyrics of the second BAL-SAGOTH album. This character has proven to be a fan favourite over the years and three of his epic adventures are recounted in the novel “The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor” published by DMR Books.


bal sagoth, caylen tor, byron roberts

The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor


caylen tor, byron roberts

The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor



The artisans at Barbaric Splendor Miniatures now offer a highly detailed collectible miniature of Caylen-Tor! Visit their website and Facebook page for further details!


bal sagoth, caylen tor

Caylen-Tor Miniature


bal sagoth, caylen tor, byron roberts

Caylen-Tor Miniatures



There follows a selection of Caylen-Tor illustrations from the last 20 years or so, including my own first sketches of the character upon which all subsequent renditions are based.


caylen tor, bal sagoth, byron roberts

Caylen-Tor The Wolf of the North


caylen tor, bal sagoth, byron roberts



bal sagoth, caylen tor

Original Battle Magic Cover


caylen tor

Caylen-Tor: Character Illustration Gallery


Full colour painting of Caylen-Tor in the cyber-armour which he dons during his future-war adventures. Artwork by Martin Hanford.


bal sagoth

Future era Caylen-Tor



This is a collection of illustrations featuring my character the King of Hyperborea. The first two are my original b&w character sketches, including the early “older” version of the King with his beard and eyepatch, followed by my illustration of the King as a younger man.


hyperborea, bal sagoth, byron roberts

“The King Of Hyperborea” Gallery


Full colour painting of the King of Hyperborea and Lord Angsaar. Artwork by Martin Hanford.


bal sagoth

Hyperborean King and Lord Angsaar



Zurra, the villainous protagonist from the fourth Bal-Sagoth album, also features in several comic strips. Here’s the Zurra logo:


bal sagoth, byron roberts

Zurra Logo


This concept illustration of the fourth album’s cover artwork by Martin Hanford depicts Zurra, Hound of the Z’xulth.


bal sagoth

Zurra: Hound of the Z’xulth


Zurra Comic Strip Preview:


bal sagoth

Zurra: Hound of the Z’xulth Comic Strip


Great fan art by overlord depicting Zurra.


bal sagoth

Zurra: Hound of the Z’xulth


And here is Zurra as he appears on the cover of the fourth Bal-Sagoth album “The Power Cosmic”, which recounts the second phase of The War of the Lexicon and Zurra’s renewed attempts to seize control of the galaxy in order to usher in a new era of Z’xulth domination.





Full colour painting of a Z’xulth Wyrm-Lord during the First Battle of Ur.


bal sagoth

Wyrm-Lord of Ur



Here’s an awesome painting by Martin Hanford depicting Lord Angsaar, the Dark Liege of Chaos.  This illustration shows the three incarnations of Angsaar, and the character  features prominently in the forthcoming mini comics; his undying evil spanning countless millennia, from the antediluvian era all the way to the far future epoch.  Presented here for the first time is the original rough sketch followed by the finished painting.


lord angsaar bal sagoth

Lord Angsaar: Preliminary Sketch


Lord Angsaar


The Elizabethan privateer Captain Blackthorne first appeared in the lyrics of the third Bal-Sagoth album “Battle Magic”. His saga continues in a trilogy of short stories published in the fantasy anthology series “SWORDS OF STEEL” from DMR Books. Here are character illustrations from the stories depicting the character of Captain Blackthorne.


byron roberts bal sagoth martin hanford

Into the Dawn of Storms


bal sagoth, byron roberts

A Voyage on Benighted Seas



The Scion at the Gate of Eternity



This is an illustration of The King of Hyperborea (from the Hyperborean Empire saga), which is  included in the forthcoming expanded Lexicon. Another great b&w piece by Martin Hanford, this shows the King wielding his mighty Hyperborean warhammer, which he used, along with the Shadow Sword, in the battle against Lord Angsaar’s Horde of Wraiths.



The King of Hyperborea


From the Obsidian Crown saga, here is Baalthus Vane, the commander of the famed Legion of the Ebon Tiger, and the right hand of the Emperor Koord.  “We march to war!”



Baalthus Vane, commander of the Legion of the Ebon Tiger


Here is Lady Bright-Anya Ophidia, majestrix of the legendary Draconis Albionensis, supreme commander of the fabled Spitfire Cavalry of Logres, and general of the Legio IX Draconis . Bright-Anya will feature in the forthcoming mini-comics, and this illustration is from the Lexicon.



Bright-Anya Ophidia: Draconis Albionensis


Here’s a great illustration by Martin Hanford of my character Professor Caleb Blackthorne III, and some of his non-terrestrial antagonists:


caleb blackthorne bal sagoth

Professor Caleb Blackthorne III


Here are more illustrations depicting Professor Blackthorne.


bal sagoth

Professor Caleb Blackthorne III

bal sagoth

Professor Caleb Blackthorne III


This is a great sketch of Lord Angsaar, the Dark Liege of Chaos, sent to me by Samuel Santos.


lord angsaar

Lord Angsaar


Below is another illustration of Bright-Anya Ophidia, mistress of the Draconis Albionensis, commander of the Legio IX Draconis and the Britannic Spitfire Cavalry. Artwork by Martin Hanford.


bal sagoth, draconis albionensis

Bright-Anya Ophidia of the Draconis Albionensis


Here is Zul’tekh, one of the fearsome Guardians of the Astral Gate:


bal sagoth, guardians astral gate starfire

Zul’tekh, Guardian of the Astral Gate


Below is the Prime Voyager of the Kl’aa, shown here on the moon’s Mare Imbrium:


bal sagoth, power cosmic, mare imbrium

The Prime Voyager of the Kl’aa


The Praesidium of Ys! Before the arch-fiend Zurra’s fateful return to the ancient praesidium, the arcane sanctuary had seen a myriad visitors throughout the eons, all seeking the sorcerous lore contained within its shadowed vaults…


The Praesidium of Ys

The Praesidium of Ys


The Obsidian Crown saga spans twelve epic chapters in total. From the fall of the Shadow-King, to the early years of the war between the Vyrgothian kingdoms and the Imperium, all the way to the siege of Gul-Kothoth and the ensuing War of the Crown. I’ve written many short stories covering those episodes, and a graphic novel is also in the works. Here are some character sketches depicting several of the saga’s primary protagonists. The first of the Obsidian Crown short stories was published in the fantasy anthology volume “Barbarian Crowns” and additionally the story “The Siege of Gul-Azlaan” in the DMR Books publication “The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor” is also part of the Obsidian Crown cycle.


obsidian crown, bal sagoth, gul kothoth, byron roberts, comics

The Obsidian Crown Saga


“The Trinity of Might”, the Sceptre, the Sword and the Ring.


bal sagoth

The Trinity of Might


Great fan art by iron monkey depicting the fortress of Gul-Kothoth.


bal sagoth

The fortress of Gul-Kothoth



The vampyre hunter Joachim Blokk features in the lyrics to the third Bal-Sagoth album plus short stories (including the tale “Darkfall: Return of the Vampyre Hunter” published in the fantasy anthology “Devil’s Armory”). The character will also appear in a forthcoming comic story. Here’s the Joachim Blokk logo and some concept artwork of his weaponry.


byron roberts, vampyre hunter, joachim blokk

Joachim Blokk: Vampyre Hunter Logo

bal sagoth byron roberts joachim blokk

Designs for Joachim Blokk’s firearms

byron roberts joachim blokk bal sagoth

Joachim Blokk weapon designs



Full colour painting of the diabolical arch-fiend Ka-Kur-Ra. Artwork by Martin Hanford.


bal sagoth



All images, artwork, characters, text and illustrations copyright 1993, 2019 Byron A. Roberts. All rights reserved.

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