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The vast lyrical universe described in the Bal-Sagoth albums has expanded into a collection of short stories which have been published in several fantasy anthology volumes. The following tales are currently available…


byron roberts, caylen tor

The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor

The barbarian warrior Caylen-Tor first appeared in the lyrics of the second Bal-Sagoth album “Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule” back in 1996. These new novel length publications from DMR Books feature new stories detailing Caylen’s epic adventures and also include extensive sections of appendices. “THE CHRONICLES OF CAYLEN-TOR” Volumes I and II are available in trade paperback and digital formats. 

bal sagoth, caylen tor, byron roberts

The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor

caylen tor, bal sagoth, byron roberts

The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor: Volume II


byron roberts, caleb blackthorne


The Caleb Blackthorne Trilogy

The Elizabethan privateer Caleb Blackthorne first appeared in the lyrics of the song “When Rides the Scion of the Storms” on the album “Battle Magic” in 1998. Now, his saga has been expanded into a trilogy of stories appearing in the “Swords of Steel” anthology series published by DMR Books. Volume I features the story “Into the Dawn of Storms”, volume II contains the second installment “A Voyage on Benighted Seas” and volume III includes the final episode of the trilogy “The Scion at the Gate of Eternity”.


All three Swords of Steel books are now available in one mighty compendium edition… the SWORDS OF STEEL OMNIBUS! This book is available as both a massive 454 page trade paperback and a digital edition and features all three installments of the Caleb Blackthorne trilogy, including a slightly revised and updated version of the first story “Into the Dawn of Storms”! It’s available from Amazon today! (And visit http://www.dmrbooks.com for details.)

bal sagoth, byron roberts, caleb blackthorne

Swords of Steel Omnibus

The revised version of “Into the Dawn of Storms” also appears in the free e-book sampler “The Infernal Bargain and Other Stories” from DMR Books.

bal sagoth byron roberts


Joachim Blokk Logo 3

Joachim Blokk Logo2

Joachim Blokk: Vampyre Hunter

The grim and fearsome vampyre hunter Joachim Blokk first appeared on the album “Battle Magic” in 1998, in the song “Thwarted by the Dark (Blade of the Vampyre Hunter)”. Now, his pitiless quest for vengeance continues in the short story “Darkfall (Return of the Vampyre Hunter), published in the fantasy anthology “Devil’s Armory” from Barbwire Butterfly Books/Horrified Press. The story is the first of a trilogy recounting Joachim’s adventures. Watch for parts 2 and 3 soon! Additionally, a comic strip featuring the character is also currently in the works.



Obsidian Crown saga2

The Obsidian Crown Saga

The epic saga of the Obsidian Crown first began on the album “Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule” in 1996 and continued on the album “The Chthonic Chronicles” in 2006. Now, the expansive story of  epic warfare and dark sorcery continues in the short story “Chronicles of the Obsidian Crown”, published in the anthology volume “Barbarian Crowns” from Barbwire Butterfly Books/Horrified Press. Additionally, the novella “The Siege of Gul-Azlaan” in the book “The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor” is also part of Obsidian Crown saga. The epic cycle will continue in further short stories soon.


CAYLEN-TOR (Preview Chapters)

“DREAMS OF FIRE AND STEEL” from Nocturnicorn Books features a preview of three chapters of the CAYLEN-TOR novel. (The full length novel “The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor” is published by DMR Books.) 

byron roberts, bal sagoth, caylen tor

Dreams of Fire and Steel



Here are some preview elements of the comics written by Byron Roberts and illustrated by Martin Hanford.
This page forms part of the “The Key of Zultekh” story arc, which is referenced in some of the forthcoming mini-comics. The story spans many millennia and involves several of my characters from the different eras of the Lexicon. A larger resolution scan of this page will be uploaded soon.

byron roberts comics

The Key of Zultekh (Preview Thumbnail)


The mini-comics will feature such characters as Joachim Blokk: Vampyre Hunter, Bright-Anya Ophidia, commander of the Draconis Albionensis, Lord Angsaar the Dark Liege of Chaos, Zurra: Hound of the Z’xulth, Caylen-Tor: Wolf of the North, Professor Caleb Blackthorne, and more.

The following page is from a comic based on the events partially recounted in “Blood Slakes The Sand At The Circus Maximus.”  The Iceni warrior has defeated Rome’s finest charioteers, slain ferocious beasts and engaged a multitude of gladiators. Next, he must face the undefeated giant known as Ursus the Butcher in another pitiless battle to the death. A larger version of this preview page will be uploaded soon.


Circus Maximus Comic Preview


Zurra comic logo

Logo for the mini-comic featuring Zurra: Hound of the Z’xulth

This is a preview of several pages from the Zurra comic. The story involves Zurra’s escape from a maximum security prison-moon upon which he has been incarcerated for some time. The first image shows the pencilled pages, followed by thumbnails of the inked pages with dialogue:


byron roberts zurra comic

Zurra: Pencils

byron bal sagoth zurra

Zurra: Inked pages with dialogue

Zurra Page 2, Larger Preview:

byron roberts zurra comic


Here are the pencils for one of the pages of the “Draconis Albionensis” comic.  Artwork by Martin Hanford.

draconis albionensis "draconis albionensis"

Draconis Albionensis: Preliminary pencils

More soon! 

All artwork, characters, designs and logos copyright 1993, 2019 B.A. Roberts. All rights reserved.

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