4) Bal-Sagoth Shop


Bal-Sagoth T-Shirts and Hoods

Available now from Cult Never Dies: the BAL-SAGOTH “SUBLIME MACROCOSMIC MALEVOLENCE” t-shirt, girlie shirt and zip hood featuring exclusive new artwork from Maggot Meister!

Ordering information: 

Zip Hood




Bal-Sagoth: “Sublime Macrocosmic Malevolence” Zip Hood


Bal-Sagoth “Sublime Macrocosmic Malevolence” t-shirt and zip hood

bal sagoth logo

Two of the most requested Bal-Sagoth t-shirt designs have been reissued with new backprints. The Chthonic Demon and Caylen-Tor shirts are now available via Plastic Head.  The Chthonic Demon design is also available as a pouch hood. Click HERE for details. 


shirts 1d

Bal-Sagoth T-Shirts

bal sagoth merchandise chthonic

Bal-Sagoth Hood

bal sagoth logo

Bal-Sagoth Flag

Available now from Cult Never Dies… the BAL-SAGOTH large art flag! Measuring a colossal 19.68 inches by 39.37 inches (50cm x 100cm) this flag features high quality printing and material. Order now at: CULT NEVER DIES


bal sagoth, cthulhu

Bal-Sagoth Flag

bal sagoth logo

Bal-Sagoth Woven Patch

A woven patch featuring the Cthulhu design is also available from Rotten Zombies Productions.  For ordering information, visit: ROTTEN ZOMBIES.



Bal-Sagoth Woven Patch

bal sagoth logo

 bal sagoth logo

Bal-Sagoth Accessories

Several Bal-Sagoth accessories are available now from the Bal-Sagoth Spreadshirt shop. The selection includes mugs, button badges, coasters and bags. Click here.


bal sagoth, cthulhu, merchandise

Bal-Sagoth Merchandise

bal sagoth logo

Bal-Sagoth Miniatures!

The artisans at Barbaric Splendor Miniatures now offer the first in a series of highly detailed collectible miniatures based on the saga of Caylen-Tor! Check out the Barbaric Splendor website and Facebook page for details!


bal sagoth, caylen tor

Caylen-Tor Miniature

bal sagoth, caylen tor, byron roberts

Caylen-Tor Miniatures

bal sagoth, caylen tor

Caylen-Tor Miniatures

bal sagoth logo

Bal-Sagoth Books

A selection of books are available featuring the stories of Byron Roberts. These publications feature many of the characters from the Bal-Sagoth lyrics and are available from a variety of online books stores (including Amazon) as well as the websites of the publishers.


The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor (published by DMR Books)

Featuring three novellas starring the mighty barbarian king Caylen-Tor!

bal sagoth, caylen tor, byron roberts

The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor


The Swords of Steel Omnibus (published by DMR Books)

Featuring three stories starring the Elizabethan privateer Captain Caleb Blackthorne!

bal sagoth, byron roberts, caleb blackthorne

Swords of Steel Omnibus

Also available:

BARBARIAN CROWNS (published by Barbwire Butterfly Books/Horrified Press)

Featuring “Chronicles of the Obsidian Crown”, a story of the Obsidian Crown saga.

DEVIL’S ARMORY (published by Barbwire Butterfly Books/Horrified Press)

Featuring “Darkfall: Return of the Vampyre Hunter”, a story of the Joachim Blokk cycle.

DREAMS OF FIRE AND STEEL (published by Nocturnicorn Books)

Featuring the first chapter of the Caylen-Tor novella “The Battle of Blackhelm Vale” (which is published in its entirety in “The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor” from DMR Books.)

BEYOND THE COSMIC VEIL (published by Barbwire Butterfly Books/Horrified Press)

Featuring the poem “When Dead Cthulhu Dreams”.

And the SWORDS OF STEEL trilogy is also available as three separate paperback editions from DMR Books! 


bal sagoth logo

Bal-Sagoth CDs and Vinyl

The legendary hexalogy of Bal-Sagoth is available to buy on CD. “A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria”, “Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule”, “Battle Magic”, “The Power Cosmic”, “Atlantis Ascendant”, and “The Chthonic Chronicles” are all available as special edition CDs featuring remastered audio, expanded lyric booklets and extra artwork! Additionally, the debut album is available as a limited edition gatefold double LP in red vinyl. The First Trilogy is available now from Cacophonous, and can be ordered at all good record stores and online vendors. The Second Trilogy of Bal-Sagoth limited edition digipak CDs from Metal Mind are now out of print, but brand new digipak editions with redesigned lyric booklets are available now from Dissonance Productions! Additionally, the Second Trilogy will receive a special limited edition vinyl release via Night of the Vinyl Dead in 2020 and 2021, including a deluxe double-vinyl gatefold edition of “The Chthonic Chronicles” and a 20th anniversary edition of “Atlantis Ascendant” with a lenticular 3D cover! Seek out the Bal-Sagoth Hexalogy today!


Hexalogy 1000x1000c



bal sagoth chthonic vinyl


Apocryphal Tales: Demo 1993


To order the CD version, click here:  GODREAH RECORDS


bal sagoth byron roberts apocryphal tales

“Apocryphal Tales (Demo 1993)” CD and vinyl editions

bal sagoth demo 1993 apocryphal tales

Bal-Sagoth: Apocryphal Tales (Demo 1993)

bal sagoth logo

55 Responses to “4) Bal-Sagoth Shop”

  1. Picked up the re-issue of The Chthonic Chronicles, and I’m without a doubt getting the rest of the Hexalogy too.

  2. Are the first three albums available in digi pack format yet B?

    • Currently negotiating with label about making this happen. Lyric booklets and graphics will be nearing completion soon. More info should be forthcoming before too long. Thanks!

  3. I really want the Hexalogy but can’t find a decent record store willing to ship it to Brazil, which is where I currently live. I’ve given up every hope to find the brand new albums at local stores down here, so if you know any, that’d be marvelous! Thanks a million.

    • Hail! Thanks for the message! There are currently plans for the 3 albums released by Nuclear Blast to be issued as sub-licensed editions in certain South American territories. More information on that should hopefully be available soon. Not sure about the availability in Brazil of the 3 albums released by Cacophonous… hopefully their distribution deals will encompass South America more extensively soon. Thanks for your support of Bal-Sagoth!

  4. I’d like to buy a ladyfit shirt if there was such.

    • Hail Kat! There were some ladyfit shirts available a few years ago via another merchandise company we briefly worked with, but unfortunately they just didn’t sell, so I never printed any more. But if there’s enough demand for them, we’ll probably issue new ones at some point. Cheers!

  5. any plans to have the first 3 albums remastered aswell?

    • Currently working to make it happen. Already have the expanded special edition lyric booklets ready to go. Obviously, it will require the full co-operation of the label. I’ve also proposed limited vinyl editions to them, so hopefully these ideas will become reality in the not too distant future. Cheers!

      • Leben Says:

        the vinyl albums is a great idea! perhaps a short youtube video showing them off would help the marketing department, it seems like by the time I discover a lot of this obscure limited edition stuff its already long gone!

        ps. I hope you boys haven’t run out of ideas yet, 7 years and counting this next album better be epic! also im hoping you have some old school starfire type parts planned, with those brutal angelcorpse-malevolent creation style riffs that explode into the triumphal climax!!!!! i.e. “Splendour” 1:50 or “summoning the guardians” 2:20 😀

  6. Hail!
    Cheers for your support.
    The original 1993 demo will soon be released as a limited edition 12″ vinyl, too. More info on that will be posted soon.
    Alas, there are currently no plans for any further Bal-Sagoth albums. The heaxlogy is complete. But nothing has been ruled out, and I have all the story material prepared for albums 7, 8 and 9… even the cover artwork is ready. But now is not the time. Perhaps one day!

  7. King Magnus Greyfell of Hammerfall Says:

    I am absolutely engrossed in your works, and I dearly wish it was easier to find, not to mention a bit less expensive. How’s the comic coming?

    • Hail! Thanks for your support, it’s greatly appreciated! The comics are progressing steadily, albeit slowly. The artist (Martin) and I are doing these essentially for our own enjoyment and because we love the medium of comics so much, and Martin is fitting the work in between all his paying commissions. He’s sending me rough pages & layouts for approval fairly regularly, and as soon as more inked pages arrive, I’ll add the lettering/dialogue and post more previews. The plan is to serialize most of the work on the net before collecting it into a print edition once we have enough material. Should be more pages to post before too long. Cheers!

  8. Hail Byron!

    Just purchased the Chthonic Chronicles and I love it. I’d love to read these stories in prose form. How is the short story collection going? Do you have a title yet? Cover art?

    • Hail! The short story anthologies are progressing well, as is the expanded Lexicon, and the comics/graphic novels. The cover artwork for the Lexicon and the prose collection is almost complete, along with the various interior illustrations. More info on the progress of these projects will be posted in due course. Many thanks for your support, it’s greatly appreciated! Cheers!

  9. The album covers are just amazing and was wondering if there would ever be a t-shirt line for just the album covers. I purchased The Chthonic Chronicles/Church Of The Malefic Avatar t-shirt and is one of favorites. Would be awesome to have the rest.

    • Hail! Long ago, there were cover art shirts available for Starfire, Battle Magic and The Power Cosmic around the time of the release of those albums (and a Lemuria cover art shirt was planned, but the acetates were lost). At the moment, there are no cover art shirts available. But the good news is that I’m currently negotiating with Cacophonous (who still own the rights to the cover art of the first three albums) about sorting a licensing deal to get shirts out there and in the hands of the fans. Ultimately, I’d like to have cover art shirts for all six albums available. Additionally, a new shirt will be out soon via our merchandisers Razamataz to coincide with the limited edition release of our 1993 demo “Apocryphal Tales”. Thanks for your support!

  10. Thanks Byron, that’s splendid news, greatly looking forward to that day 🙂 I am busted, a new Bal-Sagoth fan here of about three years. Very very tragically, I missed out on the releases of ALL albums! Fate, Lovecraft and a love of heavy metal music, eventually brought me to Bal-Sagoth. Now I am forever changed, as when I first read Lovecraft years ago. Keep up the truly remarkable and mind-blowing work! Cheers mate!!

  11. Hey! Im from Finland and was wondering that how much will the shipping costs be for one or two shirts? Or do you even deliver to Finland 😀

    • Hail! Thanks for the question! At the moment the band doesn’t sell shirts directly, but if you visit the Razamataz site the shipping costs to Finland should be calculated during the check out process… alternatively there are probably a few distros who currently carry the shirts (even the designs no longer available from the Razamataz site) and who will ship to Finland. Hope that helps. Cheers and thanks for the support!

  12. Canadian Fan Says:

    I love your work and look foreward to the comics! I just ordered the 3 remastered albums. I can’t wait to get them! I wish you the best for 2014

  13. Today I ordered the Cthulu Fhtagn t-shirt. 🙂
    I also want to complete my cd collection. The older cd’s I find in the Nuclear Blast shop (http://www.nuclearblast.de/en/shop/artikel/gruppen/51000.1.no-label.html?custom_keywords=bal-sagoth) mention they’re re-releases. Are they new versions? I thought only the last three albums were re-released.

    • Hail! Many thanks for your support! Those CDs are just re-pressings… they’re not actual re-releases or special editions. Cacophonous re-press those albums periodically. (I do have a lot of extra artwork, graphics and expanded lyrics prepared for special edition re-releases of the First Trilogy, but so far the label is not prepared to go ahead with such releases. Hopefully they’ll agree to my proposal before too long and we’ll see special edition CDs and limited vinyl editions some day soon.) Cheers!

      • Thanks for your reply.
        If I just order the Cacophonous re-pressings I’m still supporting you, right? If not, I will wait for the special editions. If yes, I’ll buy the albums in the original versions as well. 😉
        I also want to order a leather bracelet. I have a similair one of the band Tyr which I got for free with the The Lay Of Thrym album, so I know it’s good stuff. Unfortunately the website http://www.indarproductions.com is down at the moment.
        Do you know if this is temporary?
        My Cthulu shirt is on its way to me. Hurray! FYI: Despite being on this page, the “Starfire Elite Guard” shirt is no longer available, I think.

      • Hail Bob! Certainly, you’ll still be supporting Bal-Sagoth if you order the re-pressings (plus, the special editions will take a while to become a reality, as the label has yet to agree to them). Hmmm… not sure why the Indar site is down… you could try an enquiry to info@indarproductions.com and they might be able to disclose some info about the situation and the continued availability of the leather goods line. Alas, the “Starfire Elite Guard” shirt is no longer available directly from Razamataz, as they’ve sold out of the initial print run, but there should be a few distros and online vendors who still carry the design. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help with that! But sincere thanks again for your awesome support, it’s greatly appreciated! Cheers and epic regards!

  14. Bollthorn Says:

    Just curious about why it’s seemingly impossible to buy older Bal-Sagoth T-shirts. The only one I can find anywhere for sale is the Cthulhu Fhtagn shirt.

    • Hail! Razamataz generally discontinue a design after its initial print run has been sold. Only the highest selling Bal-Sagoth shirts received reprints in the past. However, I’m currently trying to get the company to reissue some of the older shirt designs, so hopefully they’ll agree to that and some news should be forthcoming soon. Also, there’s the possibility of a new design or two being released via another company, so there should hopefully be a wider choice of Bal-Sagoth shirts available before long. Cheers for your support!

  15. In case you plan to make remasters of the first three albums, could you keep in mind the awful truth known as “Loudness war”? I really like the production on the first trilogy since the albums have very dynamic, easy on the ears mastering. The newer trilogy was mostly too compressed to begin with and the sound engineers proceeded to compress it even more for the remastered releases, so I was a bit disappointed. It really is an issue with modern digital music releases (not so on vinyls, due to actual physical restrictions) and dynamic masters sound better 99% of the time even in the case of aggressive metal music.

    • Hail! Indeed, the remastering of the Second Trilogy was one of the conditions which the label imposed as part of the deal for releasing the digipaks, using their “Tube Technology” process. Some say the remasters sound better than the originals, whereas others much prefer the classic masters. If and when the First Trilogy gets a special edition release, the integrity of the original masters will certainly be preserved. Thanks for your support of Bal-Sagoth!

  16. thomas Says:

    do you have Zipper Hoodies? please!!!!! 🙂

  17. Hello! Is there any way to contact Exhumation Records? I placed my order many weeks ago and also made payment. I haven`t get record yet and label doesn`t answer to my E-mails. I really would like to have the Apocryphal Tales 10″.

  18. Hello!! My name is diego from uruguay. Question: the zip hoodie 2016????? Thanks!!!!

  19. Are you really Byron Roberts? The new t shirt and the zip hoodie, are official merch from BAL SAGOTH? Thanks!!

  20. Greetings, Byron! Any updates on getting the rest of the collection on vinyl? I have “A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria” and its honestly amazing to have it in this format, the artwork was great!

    • Hail! Hopefully Cacophonous should be finalizing a release schedule for the vinyl editions of Starfire and Battle Magic soon. The original plan was that they would be out some time this year. As soon as I get the release info from the label, I’ll immediately post it on all the Bal-Sagoth sites and blogs. Cheers and epic regards!

      • Greetings from Finland! Any news about the 2nd and 3rd album vinyl releases? What’s the situation witch Cacohonous?

      • Hail! Although Cacophonous has once again become inactive, the company which owns the label still plans to proceed with the release of the other two vinyl reissues. I should have some further news about this soon. Cheers!

  21. Are there any details about the Caylen-Tor hood’s release date? Also, will I be able to get it internationally, like I could with the macrocosmic malevolence one?

  22. michael Says:

    Any chance of any other records getting a release on vinyl?

    • The company still plans to go ahead with the vinyl releases of Starfire and Battle Magic, and I’m also talking to Nuclear Blast about the possibility of issuing vinyl editions of the other three albums, so hopefully I should have some news about all this in due course.

  23. Anyone know where I can find a copy of the Metal Mind Productions 2011 digipak version of “The Power Cosmic”? Can’t find it in stock online anywhere. It’s the only album missing from my Bal-Sagoth collection. 🙂 Thanks in advance!

    Catalog#: MASS CD 1450 DG
    Ean/Barcode: 5907785037205

  24. Hails! Is there any chance for high quality The Power Cosmic album cover t shirt prints and a back print in plans for the mere future?

    ~Tim from NJ, USA

    • Yes indeed. Currently looking into getting some album cover shirts printed, including The Power Cosmic. Should hopefully have some news on that later this year. Thanks!

      • Timmy Says:

        Thanks for the reply! Yes! Definitely looking forward to purchasing at least 2 The Power Cosmic t shirts hopefully with a back print too. It’s one of my favorite albums of all time 🤘🤘. Is this the actual Byron replying to me? If it is, it’s a great honor to hear from the man himself 🙏 Any news on a new Bal Sagoth album? I also have a proposition if so but would be best discussed in private. On another note do you have any extra copies of the “remastered” albums for sale? I already own the regular versions on CD but would like to purchase the remastered versions with the extended liner note booklets etc… can’t find them anywhere on a Google search. ~Tim -Dawn Of Dreams

      • Cheers for your support Tim, it’s greatly appreciated! I don’t currently have any of the remastered CDs for sale, but I would expect some online stockists might still have a few available. (I’ll check with the label regarding when a re-pressing might be scheduled.) Alas, no new Bal-Sagoth albums are planned for the immediately foreseeable future, but nothing has been ruled out and I do have all the lyrics, stories and cover artwork prepared for albums 7, 8 and 9. So, maybe one day! Thanks and epic regards!

  25. Hail Byron! How are things? Back in 2010 when you visited Helsinki we managed to speak. that was a privilege. I also bought the “Praise Kutulu” epic t-shirt. Now after this many years I sort of am in a different weight class… and the t-shirt has seen better days too, unfortunately. Is there a chance to bring this Kutulu pattern back so that I could obtain it?
    Also, would you see it possible to create a t-shirt design with just the logo printed (or better, embroidered) on the left chest? The rest could be all black. LIke a decent metalist version, that I could wear at the office. Thanks.

    • Hail! Sure, that design might be reissued if there’s sufficient demand for it. It’s certainly one of the older prints under consideration for a re-release. And yes, there will be some Bal-Sagoth logo shirts released next year. (A small logo motif on the left chest is also a possibility at some point.) Thanks for your support!

  26. Please, please PLEASE for the love of Cthulhu, keep the ORIGINAL mastering/eq for the Vinyl release of “Starfire” and “Battle Magic”. The ones on the new 2016 re-releases, are full of horrendous hiss/tremble. I sure hope that reason will prevail!

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