All hail Bal-Sagoth!

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Welcome to the Sanctum Sanctorum of Bal-Sagoth. Here you’ll find information on the various projects of Byron Roberts, vocalist/lyricist/founder of the symphonic black metal band Bal-Sagoth. This will include band news as well as updates on Byron’s short stories and comic book projects. Browse the pages of this site via the navigation links, and click the banner at the top to return to this welcome page. Thanks for visiting!

“Bal-Sagoth the band is just one facet of the vast and far-reaching world of these stories. The lyrics of the six albums are reflections of a much larger and more intricate body of work, and only a relatively small part of that has thus far been revealed in the lyric booklets. As I originally intended, the chronicles of this baroque fantasy world will ultimately encompass such things as prose short stories, graphic novels, illustrated books, and more. Additionally, the forthcoming revised and expanded edition of my Glossary (entitled “The Lexicon”) will provide readers with unprecedented information on all aspects of the lyrical mythos.”      

Byron Roberts

 Byron Bal-Sagoth